Resonance can be defined as the frequency at which an object most naturally vibrates. Resonance is a natural ability; substances as metal, wood, air, and even our living flesh and bones vibrate to a frequency imposed from another source. This aspect of resonance is know as sympathetic vibration.

The concept of sympathetic vibration , the way an outside vibration can sympathetically vibrate another vibration holds true with people too.

When you are around someone with a vibrational rate similar to your own, you feel comfortable and familiar. Likewise, you instinctively know someone´s energy field is totally different from yours.

So when it comes to music and sound , finding sources that resonate positively is a good and healthy thing. If you allow yourself to be surrounded by sound that do not resonate well with you, you stand a good chance of creating nervous system friction, a loop of internal interference. Continue exposure over a long, or sometimes even a short, period can cause you simply to fall out of tune, out of harmony with your body´s inherent wisdom state.

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